Club Information

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Organised social play is conducted at the following times:

Tuesday and Wednesday
9:00am – 11:00am
Full members, mid-week members and visitors are welcome

Saturday and Sunday
2:00pm to close of play (summer)
1:30pm to close of play (winter)
Full members, visitors and invited juniors are welcome

Monday Night
6:30pm – 8:30pm (summer)
Non-members and all members are welcome, especially younger players either new to tennis or restarting after a break. Click here for more information.

Junior Club – Saturday
10:00am to 11:30am  October – April
Click here for the current Junior Club Calendar

Visitors during organised tennis
Apart from Monday night social tennis, no person may attend organised play as a visitor more than four times in any one year without express permission of the Committee unless an application for membership is pending.
Visitors fees:

  • Weekend: $20.00
  • Mid-Week: $15.00

Members may not organise their own sets during the above times. Club balls are provided only during organised social play.

On arrival, all players should check in at the sets desk window. There are play breaks for morning and afternoon teas as appropriate and members and visitors are invited to stay for a drink when the bar opens at 5.00pm.


The club’s courts are available to members at all times, except during organised social play. Non-members may hire courts when courts are available.

Court Hire Rates:

Grass Courts: $20.00 per hour
Plexipave Courts: $20.00 per hour

Members bringing visitors to the Club for other than organised social play are responsible for paying the court hire for their visitors.

The fee payable for visitors is:

If playing singles $10.00 per hour
If playing doubles $5.00 per hour for each visitor

The money is to be placed in the plastic container provided and put down the chute located at the office prior to the commencement of play.

Grass Courts – Weekdays

All grass courts will be closed to play on Mondays throughout the year other than public holidays. Junior members must relinquish courts to senior members, if required, after 5.00pm on weekdays.

All Courts – Weekends

On Saturday and Sunday mornings, junior members and group coaching have priority court usage.  COURTS MAY BE AVAILABLE FOR HIRE ON SATURDAY AND SUNDAY AFTERNOONS DURING THE CLUB’S ORGANISED SOCIAL PLAY.


All persons using the Club courts are required to wear correct tennis attire. Correct tennis attire means tennis clothing of any colour. A Player who is not properly attired may be refused access to the courts by the Administrator or any member of the Committee.
At all times members shall be neat and tidy in appearance and wear tennis shoes.  Shoes with non-marking soles must be worn on the hard courts and pimple sole shoes are not allowed to be worn on the grass courts.